A red fire extinguisher on a white wall.

FireAlarm Install and Maintenance  - RTJ ofSussex

At RTJ of Sussex, we understand the importance of fire safety for domestic and commercial properties in Sussex. We are committed to providing first class fire alarm installations, along with comprehensive maintenance services to ensure the highest level of protection for your property and those inside it.

Fire Alarm Services

We offer a range of fire alarm fitting and maintenance services. These will make sure that your fire alarm system will provide the ultimate protection in the case of fire and is in line with current UK regulations.

  • Fire Alarm Installations
    If you need a new system, or want to upgrade your current one, our team specialises in installing high quality fire alarm systems. We use modern and reliable systems to support the needs of your property.  
  • Fire Alarm Maintenance
    Regular maintenance is essential to make sure that you can depend on your fire alarm system. We can provide routine inspections to keep your system in peak condition. We will carry thorough checks, identify potential issues, and will check that all elements are working correctly.
  • Emergency Repairs
    If something goes wrong or there's an emergency, our team can be with you quickly. We offer a repair service that promptly deals with any problems to reduce any downtime of your fire alarm system.
  • Tailored Solutions
    We understand that every property is unique, so our team will work with you to find out your specific needs. We will then create a customised fire alarm solution around your specifications. We can provide you with a wide range of equipment and signage, so that your building is optimally protected against fire risks.

Fire Safety Solutions

At RTJ of Sussex, we truly believe that fire safety should be paramount. We offer a wide range of fire safety services, including fire extinguisher servicing, fire door maintenance, fire safety training and fire risk assessments. Get in touch with our team today to find out how we can improve the fire safety in your property with a new or upgraded fire alarm system.