A close up view of a PAT testing machine

Portable Appliance Testing

PAT Testing in Eastbourne

PAT (portable appliance testing) testing should be regularly carried out on electrical equipment in workspaces, to ensure that they follow ‘Electricity at Work 1989’ rules. These mean that you should make sure that any electrical equipment that could cause injury, is kept in a ‘safe condition’.

Electrical equipment can become damaged with regular usage, and this can then be a potential electric shock or fire hazard.

The Importance of PAT Testing

It is important to regularly test appliances, especially those in daily use. It is suggested that most electrical appliances are tested at least once a year, to make sure they are working efficiently and safely.

It is imperative to get a fully qualified individual to carry out the testing as they need to be competent to do it. They need:

  • The in-depth knowledge relating to the electrical items.
  • The right equipment to do the testing.
  • The capability to use the equipment and understand the results of the tests.

It is important to take a risk-based approach to electrical equipment and anything that is utilised often and moved a lot, needs a regular testing and maintenance schedule. This helps any business follow the Health and Safety Executive’s guidelines and ensure safety for your organisation. Any appliance that is powered by mains electricity may need PAT testing, and it’s important for many insurers that a business has regular PAT testing.

Annual PAT Testing

Our expert team at RTJ can take care of your annual PAT test requirements, with a cost effective and efficient service. We will make sure that all the electrical equipment in your workplace is safe and hazard free.

For further information on  our annual PAT testing services, contact us today, and we will book in your PAT test for you and answer any questions.