Roy servicing an fire extinguisher

Fire Extinguisher Survey and Servicing

Fire Extinguisher Servicing in Eastbourne

At RTJ of Sussex, our skilful team can provide a full, fire extinguisher servicing package. According to the British Standard for fire extinguishers, they should be serviced once every year, regardless of the type of extinguisher (e.g., water-based, powder, CO2 etc.).

We can arrange and carry out the necessary servicing of your fire protection equipment. We can then provide guidance on any further actions that need to be carried out. We are specialists in the maintenance of fire equipment, including fire extinguishers, fire signage, emergency lighting and fire doors. This means that we can help ensure that you are fully prepared, should an emergency happen.

How is Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Carried Out?

If you own a business, it’s down to you to make sure that the staff and visitors in your business are safe. It is not as simple as just providing the correct fire protection, it also needs to be maintained at regular intervals.

A basic service of a fire extinguisher needs to be carried out with the right tools, training, and experience. The service will include a number of different elements, including changing the seal on the headcap, making sure that the headcap safety pin operation is working as it should, testing the pressure gauge, and changing of any necessary O rings. We will also give the fire extinguisher a visual check over to make sure that all is well.

Fire Extinguisher Visual Checks

It is also important to regularly visually check fire safety equipment. At least once a month you can quickly look at the pin in the headcap, the seal and the pressure gauge, to make sure they are as they should be. It’s also worth making sure that it is still fixed correctly on the wall and that the instructions are still readable.

For further advice on Fire Extinguisher Servicing, contact the RTJ team today.