A fire door close up to the handle

Fire Door Inspection, Install and Maintenance

Fire Door Services in Eastbourne

Our team of specialists provide a full range of fire door services, to ensure that your fire doors perform to the highest standards. We know that having effective fire doors can be the difference between life and death, so we are committed to supplying an outstanding service. This can give you the reassurance that your fire doors are fitted and maintained faultlessly.

Fire safety is of the utmost importance in homes and businesses, and we offer a reliable, honest service, making sure that your doors are up to standard.

Fire Door Fitting in Eastbourne

Fire doors are crucial for safety in homes and businesses because they can save lives. This means that it is essential that they are installed correctly. The doors contribute to a building’s passive fire protection and are indispensable as they help to stop fire and smoke moving through the rooms of a building. Passive fire protection helps to compartmentalise a fire and slow down its movement, along with protecting escape routes. Fire doors are designed to allow enough time for people to escape through an access route.

Installing a fire door is necessary in all public buildings, and they can be required in some domestic properties, such as flats. They can also be necessary in areas such as loft conversions.

We are experts in the fitting of top-quality fire doors. We can deliver comprehensively certified and approved fire doors and we will make sure that the doors are fitted in line with the relevant regulations.

Fire Door Inspection and Maintenance

It is essential that fire doors are inspected at least once every six months. This confirms their effectiveness in the case of a fire. Any change to the fire door can affect how it will perform in an emergency. New buildings may need more regular checks in their first year, generally at least one a month.

Article 17 of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 states that fire doors should be suitably maintained, so that they are in an ‘efficient working order and in good repair’.

We are committed to the first-class installation and maintenance of fire doors as it is truly vital for safety. Contact our team today and we can provide you with guidance on the importance of fire doors.