A close up of a red brick wall.


RTJ of Sussex are experienced in carrying out repointing services for homes and buildings across the Sussex area. Overtime weathering, moisture, pollution and other issues can deteriorate the mortar joints between bricks and stonework. This can impact the structural integrity and aesthetic appeal of your property. With our expert repointing service, we can revitalise your home or business and protect it against the elements.

Repointing Specialists

Our Repointing Process:

  • We begin by examining your property's existing masonry, assessing the condition of the mortar joints and identifying areas that require repointing
  • Before commencing the repointing process, we prepare the work area by protecting surrounding surfaces and ensuring proper ventilation. We take care to minimise disruption to your property and ensure a safe working environment.Using specialised tools and techniques, we carefully remove the old, deteriorated mortar from the joints without causing damage to the surrounding masonry. This step is essential for creating a clean foundation for the new mortar.
  • We ensure your new mortar matches your original mortar to ensure a seamless look for your property.
  • With precision and skill, we fill the cleaned joints with fresh mortar, using appropriate tools to achieve consistency. We pay close attention to detail, ensuring that the repointed joints blend seamlessly with the surrounding masonry.

We proudly offer a professional, yet cost-effective repointing service.

Why is Repointing Important?

Enhances the structural integrity of your property - Repointing improves the overall stability and longevity of your masonry.

Prevention of potential water damage - By replacing deteriorated mortar, our repointing services help prevent water penetration and moisture damage.

Restores the aesthetic appeal of your home - Freshly repointed masonry enhances the visual appearance of your property, restoring its original charm and character.

Benefit from long-term protection - Our expertly executed repointing services provide long-lasting protection against the elements, reducing the need for costly repairs in the future.
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