I would like to take this opportunity to thank Roy Smith and everyone at RTJ of Sussex

April 5, 2024

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Roy Smith and everyone at RTJ of Sussex Fire Safety Specialist for their support and belief. They really have helped me towards my lifelong dream of playing professional darts and making the most of my talent.

From early on in my life, darts has been my goal. I started playing at the age of 4, using a chair to stand on and carried it to the board to collect my darts and back to stand on to throw.

At the age of 15 I was approached to play for Sussex Youth Darts and had some great mentors and the manager John West did so much to help me improve, not only as a player but also as person. We had a great team and made it all the way to Lakeside at Frimley Green stage home of the BDO World Championship. I went all the way to represent the South East of England at national comps. I also won the last ever national doubles competition at youth level. I continued to play locally after leaving Sussex youth and was very successful at local events, but then life took over. I continued to play locally but could not take this too seriously.

My son Bradley was born in 2003 and quite early on we knew he would need extra care and he was diagnosed as Autistic, which has been a hard struggle for not only me but especially to Bradley and our family. His care and needs came first, so I had to focus on my son: the most important thing in my life.

But now the time in my life has come to put all my efforts into targeting what I believe my talent and determination can achieve. My son is 20 this year, he is now a man and a lot more self-dependent, so now is my time and darts is where my time, focus and hard work is going.

I have attended some pea comps and this was a bit of a shock after so long but the only way to succeed is to build over time and gain experience. This is where Roy and RTJ of Sussex have truly helped me with their sponsorship. It has been a great partnership, helping me achieve my goals, and also me promoting this great local business, not only on my shirts but also online.

I believe this will be a very successful and long-term partnership together, and this is just the start. The promotional shirts are being made, and the next stop is the British National Finals in October, in Bristol.

This chance that RTJ of Sussex and Roy have given me to attend more comps, has been a fantastic opportunity to finally give my life goals a go. I cannot explain how much this means to me and the confidence that their belief has given me. Now the hard work begins.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to Roy and everyone at RTJ of Sussex.

Simon Stothart